Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I still draw stuff! Update: April 23, 2013

I should start all my blog entries with "It's been a long while since I blogged...". For anyone who cares, I'm still drawing ever since I put Loo Harvest Chronicles on hiatus last December. So here's just some of the things I've been working on.

I wrote and drew an 8-page comic short for an anthology called Monstrosity. My comic was inspired by the old Eerie and Vampirella magazines. It follows a former circus bear turned evil lab guinea pig turned city-protecting monstrous bear.
The anthology features other talents like J. Bone, Sam Agro, Brian Evinou, Phil McClorey, Fred Kennedy, and many others. Make sure to check out the Monstrosity website for updates on this book.

My friend Brian McLaughlin invited me to play in his playground, webcomic series Princess Planet. I always find Brian's work clever and charming, so I was honoured when he asked me to do a guest strip for his series.

My high school friend Kevin wrote a zombie survival guide book and asked me to do the illustrations. Here's the front and back covers.

What's next for me? I completed a 50-page Toronto-based superhero comic called Human-Lizard Saves the Day. This is a retelling of a character I created back in high school that I felt had some potential. Here is Marcus Barrett, aka the Human-Lizard.

I'm aiming to release this "giant-size" comic book in September.

And for those who miss Loo Harvest Chronicles. A plot outline has been written and concept sketches has been drawn for its eventual return. It'll feature a runaway Nightsister/assassin.

The best way to follow my updates is through Instagram. Go on, follow me!

Still drawing,
-Jason Loo

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