Sunday, September 23, 2012

Highlights from Star Wars Celebration VI

I finally have the chance to blog about my experience at Star Wars Celebration, after a month of recovering from taking it all in. Saying that "Star Wars CVI was a blast" is an understatement, it was awesome in so many levels. I got to see actual movie props up-close, chat and party with a lot of other friendly Star Wars fans, meet Star Wars celebrities, check out the deals on Star Wars merch at the exhibition hall, and attend some entertaining panels.

My highlights (and in no specific order):
-Watching the Clone Wars season 5 premiere on the big screen with other Star Wars fans.

-Attending the insightful Ian McDiarmid interview.
-Checking out the Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's Star Wars Detours project panel.
-Donald Faison making a surprise appearance at the Star Wars Detours panel (he does a voice in the new cartoon series) and he threw out free prizes which one Admiral Ackbar plush doll landed right on my lap!
-Being part of the Diorama Workshop exhibit.
-Seeing other attendees wear my Diorama Workshop T-Shirt design around the convention floor.

-Hanging out with Roxy the Rancor.
-Being entertained by Smuggler's Gambit, a radio-drama style show of one of Han Solo's adventures featuring the voices of the Clone Wars and David Collins (Force Unleashed's Proxy) as an impeccable Han Solo.

-Anthony Daniels stopping by the Diorama Workshop
-Attending TheForcedotNet Party, bumping into Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni and F/X supervisor Joel Aron, voice actor Tom Kane (Clone Wars' Yoda and Academy Award announcer), chatting with Forcecast hosts JimmyMac and Jason Swank, as well as Fanboys director Kyle Newman and's Paul Bateman!
-Being inspired by all the rare and fascinating items at Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit, such as rare artwork, movie props like the Artoo in X-Wing droid hatch and Death Star pieces, and unproduced collectibles like the Droids and Ewoks action figures.

Now I'll be counting the days to Star Wars Europe II in Germany! 

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