Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diorama Workshop T-Shirt for Star Wars Celebration!

It was ten years ago when I saw Frank Diorio's diorama workshop build Mos Eisley spaceports at Star Wars Celebration II via the web. Ten years later, I'll be heading to Orlando for my first Star Wars Celebration and of course, one of the activities I'll be looking forward to is the Diorama Workshop's Return to Tatooine event. When Frank tweeted an open-call for an artist to help out in a project, I jumped to the chance (without knowing that Lucasfilm would be involved)!

Frank wanted to do a spoof of Iron Maiden's Killers album cover but with a Tusken Raider rocking out with a gaffi stick. I was also working on the Canadian Joe Con 2012 comic at the time, so I did two quick sketches for Frank's approval. Frank mashed up the two sketches together for the Tusken Raider to look balls to the wall.

To my surprise, my sketches needed to be approved by Lucasfilm ... and they loved it! Wow! All my attempts to become a Star Wars artist through my webcomics at LooHarvest.com and winning the StarWarsDayTO poster contest, it was this T-Shirt project that put me on Lucasfilm's radar. You can't imagine how excited this news made me feel!
On to the coloring stage, I wanted to bring the spirit of heavy metal and rock-and-roll but it came across as too dark and red as hell. I lighten it up a little with some yellow and orange to get Lucasfilm's okay.
Here's the final design that will be worn by some of the staff at Star Wars Celebration, including myself!
 Looking forward to wearing mine around the convention! Let's hope I don't accidentally mess it up with glue and paint at the Diorama Workshop. And fingers crossed that this is only the start between me and Lucasfilm... Dear Lucasfilm, please check out Loo Harvest Chronicles.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Canadian Joe Con 2012

July has been a busy month at the library because of children's programming and keeping the kids entertained during their summer holidays. On top of that, I've been penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering the comic book scripted by Ryan Costello for this year's Canadian Joe Con. It's been a really hectic month but I'm pretty happy with the finished product.

Above, the filecard art to this year's exclusive convention set. From left to right: Black Ice with head design for the action figure's head-sculpt (the Star Wars fan in me added a little Boba Fett flair to the front), Joe Canuck, Retrofit, Traction, and H.A.G.A.R.
Below, from inks to final colors of page 1 and 2.

We're so lucky to have IDW's GIJoe artist Robert Atkins draw an amazing cover for this comic, which makes the Canadian GIJoe comic book look even more official to me!
Now I'm free to enjoy the rest of the summer and hang out with my friends and family who I've neglected this past month. Sorry! Also, I'll have some time to work on backlog pages to Loo Harvest Chronicles for its mid-September return!