Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Star Wars crafts in the Library

Working in children services of the Mississauga library has its perks, especially when I'm a huge Star Wars geek! Last Wednesday and today I had the pleasure of running TWO Star Wars craft workshops as part of our summer programming: a Clone Trooper action figure workshop and a Republic Gunship vehicle workshop.

Above are examples I made for the kids. The Clone Trooper was made using pipe cleaners through bendy straws, color paper for the chest armor, and felt for the battle skirt. A fellow Star Wars fan from Texas helped cast the Clone Trooper helmets out of resin. Plasticine is good substitute for a head if you don't have any resources to cast resin.

Here are a couple of troopers done by the kids. I love their creativity. Especially the menacing trooper with the green lightsaber.
A juicebox, color paper, glue, and a strip of cardboard was used to make the Republic Gunship craft.
Below are some amazing, colorful designs of the Republic Gunship.

The pink one with the hearts is my favorite. I can imagine this Gunship being exclusively used to transport R2-KT with vital information.
Right before the Republic Gunship workshop started I told my program-helpers, "We must make sure all the kids are following the instructions to a T, so by the end of program they will be so happy about their creations that they'll want to play with it in the library." After the program, I took a peek outside of our craft room to see a bunch of excited kids running around with their Gunships, playing out their own battles in a galaxy far, far away. Usually, I'd tell kids to not run in the library but I made an exception for this one occasion.

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