Saturday, June 02, 2012

From defective clone to story-time guy...

My Loo Harvest Chronicles webcomic series is somewhat of a diary of mine. Since the start of the series I've used it as a cathartic device to retell my heartbreaks, rejections, and hang-ups in a Star Wars setting. Even though I have plenty more material to write and draw into LHC, I felt my comic counterpart Jacen needed to explore the happier side of life. So if you ever found LHC a little depressing for the last 18 or so pages, there are brighter days ahead.
One of my life's enjoyments is working in the library with kids and starting later this month, you'll get to see some of the fun things in my job, as well as some of the challenges.

Here's a preview of what you'll see in the upcoming Loo Harvest Chronicles pages:

Public library on Cloud City. The building design is slightly inspired by the one I actually work in.

Loo Harvest Chronicles will run up to July 30th then a month long break in August (month of my birthday and Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando!). The series will resume on September 3rd.

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