Thursday, January 05, 2012

Loo's Misadventures in the Star Wars galaxy...

A while ago I tweeted: "Out of curiosity, who'd be interested in seeing comics about my past misfortunes/mishaps in a Star Wars setting?" I wanted to see if there would be an audience out there that would dig what I've been working on since late-December. Luckily, enough responded to ensure I'm on the right track (otherwise I'd be the only person who would find this entertaining).
I'm aiming to make this a weekly addition to Loo Harvest and I promise the series won't be depressing. Expect it to launch on February 7th!

Me battling a rancor. I know... I didn't actually encounter a rancor, it's a metaphor to a past event.

Phantogram makes an appearance as holo-musicians.

Shaun Hatton (Electric Playground) in the orange also makes a cameo!


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