Friday, January 20, 2012

My break-ups will look better in the Special Edition.

On the day before that holiday with the hearts and stuff (sorry, I'm not that familiar with the holiday), I'll be launching my new weekly webcomic series "My Life In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Loo Harvest Chronicles". Since the holidays, I've been busy building a backlog of comic shorts that captures a slice of my life and putting it in a Star Wars setting. Make sure to check out the new series at on Monday, February 13. But for now, read the prequel here!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Loo's Misadventures in the Star Wars galaxy...

A while ago I tweeted: "Out of curiosity, who'd be interested in seeing comics about my past misfortunes/mishaps in a Star Wars setting?" I wanted to see if there would be an audience out there that would dig what I've been working on since late-December. Luckily, enough responded to ensure I'm on the right track (otherwise I'd be the only person who would find this entertaining).
I'm aiming to make this a weekly addition to Loo Harvest and I promise the series won't be depressing. Expect it to launch on February 7th!

Me battling a rancor. I know... I didn't actually encounter a rancor, it's a metaphor to a past event.

Phantogram makes an appearance as holo-musicians.

Shaun Hatton (Electric Playground) in the orange also makes a cameo!