Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toying around.

I made a simple custom 1308 action figure from my Defective comic just by swapping parts. If you're interested in making your own 1308 figure, all you need is a TIE Fighter pilot body (Vintage Collection), V-Wing Starfighter Clone Pilot head (Imperial Pilot Legacy I, Evolutions set), and Biggs Darklighter's TIE pilot helmet (Imperial Pilot Legacy II, Evolutions set). This figure is perfect for fitting in the background of any of your Star Wars dioramas!

Christmas is coming around the corner! Hope everyone is in the spirit of giving. I cleaned out my closet and my parents' basement of toys just sitting in their packages and thought it was best to part from them so kids can actually play with them. I felt like a schoolyard big bully, depriving kids of their toys. I strongly recommend you fellow toy collectors do the same and donate your toys to a local Toys For Tots charity drive. I hope kids like Luke Skywalker, Han, Snake-Eyes, Cad Bane, and Eva Green (Golden Compass) for Christmas.

Have a safe and Happy Holidays, everyone!

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