Wednesday, December 07, 2011

After a 3.5+years hiatus...

It's been a long time since I touched anything on this blog. Just yesterday, I was going through all my posts from 2005-2008 and never realized I was such an active blogger. Mind you, this was before Facebook took over my other methods of social networking. I deleted over a hundred posts just out of embarassment.
Anyways, I now have time to catch up and share what I've been up to for the best 3-4 years when I was on blog-hiatus.

In 2009, I teamed up with my buddy Arthur Dela Cruz on a buddy-action-comedy webcomic called 3 Second Rule. He wrote the script and I did the art. We made roughly 60+ pages until Arthur went on hiatus (he was tied up with other side projects), then eventually the site went down. It was a shame since I loved working on that series. I approached it art-wise like a European comic.

For those that know me well, I'm a huge GIJoe fan. I remember when I was 6 acting bratty in front of my parents at church, my mom reached in her purse and kept me quiet with a new GIJoe action figure. Every day when my mom or dad took me out to a store, I left home with a new Joe. Yes, I was a spoiled only child. So, lucky for me, I got to draw all the art and write most of the stories for the GIJoe: Canadian Convention Edition comics in the 2010 and 2011 Canadian Joe Convention. Special thanks to Michael Heddle for hooking me up with this gig!
Here are the covers to the 2010 and 2011 comics.

And since my mom was very financially-supportive in my Joe collection, I had to feature her in GIJoe-fashion, a public service announcement.
The Canadian GIJoe Convention received a lot of media coverage, including G4's Electric Playground! Shaun Hatton is a good buddy of mine and it was awesome of him to cover the event. So to return the favor I shilled his band Cobra wearing their t-shirt on camera. If you want to see me be all nervous in front of the camera, click this link.

In fall of 2010, I took part in an art show, Post No Bills - A Celebration of the Film Poster. Artists got to pick any movie and give their own treatment of the film poster. I was on a Danny McBride high with Eastbound and Down at the time so I chose his film debut The Foot Fist Way as my poster and channeled Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon for its composition.

February 2011, my art gang Sketchkrieg and I took part in our own comic art show, Paper Trail. The premise of the show was like broken telephone in comic form. My friend and fellow Sketchkrieger Evan Munday explains the rules very well:
"It started like this: one SketchKrieger would create one comic panel -- any size, any format. That panel would be passed along to a second illustrator, who was then instructed to illustrate a new panel within the next four days. That illustrator would pass that new panel (and the original) to a third illustrator, and the cycle would continue. The sequence was illustrated one panel at a time, each illustrator unaware how the previous illustrator intended the story to progress. No plot or outline was devised before committing ink to paper. Everything was intended to be surprising and improvised. And no dialogue was allowed.
The resultant story (currently still in progress) is full of bizarre twists and turns as the paper chain progresses. In-between gutters, genres flip from post-apocalyptic saga to romantic comedy to political thriller. Characters die and are reborn, their motives change as often as the illustration style." Zen Rankin, another fellow Sketchkrieger captured the show very well in this wrap-around collage:
There was a little buzz right before the show opened as we were featured on the National Post! My piece is the middle-right, the one with the kid snapping her dad's neck. That's daddy's little angel!

Here's a spot illustration I did for 24 Hours newspaper on Portishead when they played a show in Toronto a couple months ago. I pulled an all-nighter getting this done (only because I was shooting zombies in COD: Black Ops up till midnight) and I was listening to a lot of Portishead all through the night. This was probably the first illustration this publication ever accepted.

For those who were a fan of my teen covert-op runaways series AWOL'd, I've worked on a prequel series called The Creepos that will be posted for free online in 2012. I've got two issues done with roughly 60 pages in full color.

Now that we're caught up, I'll feel you in later on what I've been up to the past few months.

I promise not to be a stranger,

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