Sunday, January 14, 2007

Breaking out!

It feels like it's been months I haven't blogged with new work. Well, most of my time is spent on new pieces for my art show which is top secret. Though, a while ago my friend Steve B hooked me up with an illustration spot in Chart, which is pretty awesome. I did a two-page spread on 2007's Break-out artists. Here's some process work I sent to Steve as we corresponded through emails.
These are rough ideas I came up with on the feature.

Steve wanted to go with the third one, but the positions of some of the figures needed to be reworked. So I did a quick sketch to fix the composition and got the thumbs up!

The linear drawing before it gets coloured and rendered, or should I say "Loo'd".

The final piece can be seen in February's edition of Chart! Make sure to pick up a copy.

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