Tuesday, August 08, 2006


There was no life drawing this Monday because of Simcoe day and the only thing artwise I've been working on lately is a top-secret webcomic for this fall. So to keep this blog fresh, I've been digging deep in my hard drive to find something that hasn't been displayed on my blog yet.
Spider-Man 3 is coming out next year...I'm such a nerd.

Alien designs for a comic I wanted to do about intergalactic wrestling, sort of like M.U.S.C.L.E.S. but in space.

Oh, it was my birthday today and I had to work at the book depository. I got my hands covered in something that hopefully turned out to be red curry, had a hectic night from the constant huge pouring of customers coming in and out, and got a cut on my hand from a plastic lid. Then I muttered "I'm not even suppose to be here today...and it's even my birthday." When my co-workers heard, they got me a last minute birthday card that said "Sorry, we still love you". At least I got a card...that said "Sorry".
I just can't wait for Saturday's Paintball Birthday Bash so I can shoot people...in the face.


Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Jason!
and please please please don't take your agression out on me by shooting me in the face.

-loo-bot- said...

Jo, just make sure you're on my team...the winning team.

Eazee E said...

HAHAHA - in the face
DO IT!!! (but not to Joanna)