Wednesday, July 27, 2005

River Ganges : a comic.

I worked on a comic a long while ago for my buddy and writer-extraordinaire, Chaos Mackenzie. We were at a comic launch party last year when he asked if I was interested in drawing for one of his gazillion script ideas. I said 'sure' and had a handful of scripts to choose from. At the end, I chose River Ganges, an 8-page story set in India during the 1970s. I actually did some research on India and that time period (it really pays working in the library), trying to capture the essence with some loo-bot flare. Unlike the finished version, this one has no words, but I hope you won't have trouble understanding it.


Sam said...

i love these drawings!

vinch the grinch said...

My fave page is the second one down, where you break down the border and create a really dynamic sense of the chaotic hubbub of a busy, crowded city by having the main character transgressing his own pictorial space and partially stepping into the other scenes of the city. Also, very striking use of line and contrast too, to use clich├ęd artspeak ripped straight from gr 9 art class.

-loo-bot- said...

Danke schon, herr Sam und frau Vinch!
My fave page has to be him falling off the stairs, I was thinking of Walt Disney at the time (not that Disney fell off a set of stairs himself).